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Land For Sale Istanbul Basaksehir- 96261798 Istanbul

Land For Sale
Property type: Residential Lands
Area (M 2)


Location Information

Whether buying real estate or Land, the main buying point is always Location, Location, Location, and this Land, being in a very unique location, is a rare opportunity for Land investment as Land for sale in Istanbul.

The Land on offer is 29.524 m2 and is in the center of Altinsehir Basaksehir Istanbul, located to the West of Istanbul. The Land is just a few steps away, from the village road, as shown in the Land picture. And Altınsehir village center is just a few metre far away from the land , and it is jus a few metres away from Ataturk Olimpiat Stadium which is the biggest stadium in Istanbul.

The area surrounding the Land has a natural Landscape, and Kucukcekmece Village, known for it’s beachside location is just 2 Km away.  With long sandy beaches, it is widely considered that Kucukcekmece is one of the most attractive areas in Istanbul.

The Land is located 20 kms away from Istanbul centre, but is easily reached via the main Avrupa Otoyolu ( European Motorway)  which is just 800mt away.

Finally, The Canal Istanbul route will be around a few hundred metres away from the Land.


Land Information

The Land is partially house zoning land, partially school zonning land and partially park area.

Investment Information

As the Land lies next to the new Istanbul airport, it represents excellent future capital appreciation possibilities.  Additionally, the planned building of the Canal Istanbul Project, which could pass within 100 metres, or just a few hundred metres away from the Land, puts this Land in a highly desired area, regardless of any building permission.

It is certainly possible that capital appreciation of this Land, could be triple or even 5 times more than the current sales price.

Under normal conditions, there is generally very limited Land for sale in İstanbul and generally, every purchase  of Land in Istanbul has increased in price.  Although it is not possible to predict the future, it is easy to say that, due to lack of land for sale, Land in Istanbul prices will increase, regardless of the economy or any other situation.


Turkish Citizenship

Land purchase is totally valid for Turkish Citizenship applications, and most probably the Land price and the official valuation will be the value required for a Citizenship application, which means that this Land can be regarded as an ideal investment opportunity for Turkish Citizenship.  When you have kept the Land for 3 years, you will undoubtedly be able to sell it with a very good profit.

Contact the owner

Eda Cebeci

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