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Land For Sale Istanbul-Karaagac,Buyukcekmece- 20103276 Istanbul

Land For Sale
Property type: Villa Lands
Area (M 2)


180.000 m2 villa zoning land for sale in  ​​Istanbul Buyukcekmece Karaagac Village. Unmissable Investment opportunity.

Karaagac Village stands out with its villa Investments. Until today, over 3,500 villas have been built and sold in Karaağaç. 29 different companies develop villa projects in the region. All villas have been sold so far.

Villa prices vary between 4-15 m TL. Execution Project income of the investment; Even if it is calculated from the lowest villa price, it will be at least 600.000.000 TL. Project profit will be 300.000.000 TL.

The land is in the best location- very close to Avrupa Otoyolu (highway) and lovely Buyukcekmece lake and beach and the town center.

The legal building permission rate is 15%. However, the land overlooks Buyukcekmece Lake and the protection basin with a nice slope. Therefore, it is possible to make a basement and an attic. Basement and penthouse are not included to building permission.

Neighbor to Doğa Evleri and Vadipark sites.  There is a high capacity power line underground on the land. Our site has 600 tons of artesian water at 32 degrees. This will be purchased to be cooled and the cooling can be done with this spring water at no cost.

For 25 years, only ecological agriculture has been used, no chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been applied. Right next to the plot, there is a magnificent grove within the lake protection area that will only be used by the residents of the site to be built. In this grove; Fireflies, turtles, rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes roam. There are two springs that never dry out, and 1 artesian well with very high flow rate.

Total Land Area: 180.000 m2

Precedent: 0.15, 150 villas can be built. A basement and attic are not included in the equivalent.

Therefore, villas up to 1.200 m2 * 15% * 3 = 540 m2 can be built.

The attractions of the investment to be made on this land:

1. Only one minute (approximately 1000 meters) from the Northern Marmara Motorway exit by car.

2. Magnificent Büyükçekmece Lake Basin View

3. A neighbor to a grove that is not in any similar project. It will increase its sales capability by at least 25% compared to similar projects.

4. To be located on an ecologically clean land. Uncontaminated soils and the environment will increase sales power.

5. Lack of water expenses due to natural water resources in this land. In such projects, the cost of water used for landscaping is high. This point will be of great attraction.

6. It will be preferred because the heating and cooling of the residences in the site to be built with the current 600 tons of day capacity and 32 degrees of artesian water will be done without cost. The ability to connect to the new road project to the 7th Channel Istanbul, New Airport and the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge in one minute by car.

Contact the owner

Eda Cebeci

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